A walk through Temple Square

I visited Salt Lake City recently for work and had time one evening to walk through historic Temple Square. Temple Square houses facilities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, often known as the LDS Church or the Mormons. The Salt Lake Temple was dedicated in 1893. This statue, “Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood,” pictures the Apostles Peter, James, and John conferring God’s authority to lead upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (per the statue’s plaque). Per theRead more

A city walk

I enjoy walking through cities to appreciate the lines, patterns, shadows, and light orchestrated by tall buildings, old and new. Like the new, soon-to-open 111 Main office building in Salt Lake City pictured here that’s adjacent to the soon-to-open Eccles Theater.Read more

Saturday hike in Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

I had a nice hike on Saturday with my daughter on trails at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. The website describes it like this: “Soapstone is extraordinary with over 28 square miles of wide open vistas, nearly pristine grasslands, miles of trails and world-renowned cultural resources. It is truly a place to treasure! Visit Soapstone Prairie to meet the past, enjoy the present and preserve the future.” Soapstone is just south of the Wyoming border in northern Colorado and owned/managed by the CityRead more

The election, right?

The election, right? Less than three months now and we can move past it and hopefully get some things done. I’m glad to be in the final stretch after having to sift through so many candidates and worrying about the direction victors might take us. I’m still not sure why some of them even ran given their questionable grasp of the issues. Yes, it will be nice to finally elect two representatives from a field of thirteen to represent Ward 1 on theRead more

Why I write

Writing is not my profession but my obsession. Writing, or the desire to write, haunts me and drags me back when I flee. I’ve generally not used the term “writer” alongside my name because I’ve not thought of myself as one who has earned the label. But the term “writer” includes more than a professional crafter of books, articles, and stories. For example, this entry from Dictionary.com defines “writer” as a noun, “3. a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc.,Read more


Life looks and feels like this when I open my heart and head to stuff lingering below the surface…beauty, compost, renewal, death. It took some trudging to arrive at this beach with its exposed matter and it takes intentional work to uncover and sort through life’s accumulated debris. The intentional uncovering, sometimes painful, is valuable in learning what holds one back. There’s beauty in most of it, even in things that should be acknowledged and then discarded. Life…with its mornings & evenings, low tides & high tides, pain &Read more

The sound of quiet

Jennifer and I took a multi-day road trip that culminated with a visit to remote northern Utah to visit land art installations by Nancy Holt (Sun Tunnels) and Robert Smithson (Spiral Jetty). The piece pictured here is Sun Tunnels, 1976, by Nancy Holt. The large tunnels were created and laid out in an X shape corresponding to the summer and winter solstices. The piece is located 45 miles north of Wendover, Utah, in the Utah desert, where we did not encounterRead more

Nostalgia, fathers, and finding our way

My dad passed from this life roughly three years ago and I miss him. Rather, I experience sentimental longing, or nostalgia, for the idea of him. I had a good relationship and experience with my dad. He taught me many things, supported many of my childhood aspirations, expressed love for me, helped me achieve some life goals, and we shared a love of reading. I miss spending time with him and miss the idea that somebody who helped bring me into thisRead more